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Welcome to the new user interface of CommonTronix.com - The site has had an upgrade as of March 7th 2011.... [[[[[[[ CommonTronix.com for all your Web communications needs ]]]]]]] .... At this time CommonTronix.com still has a few broken links and continues to be Re-Written so check back every few days for internal changes, All other users WebPages are unaffected. All Internal Directorys will remain the same and un-changed.

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Posted by Admin on December 9, 2008

Welcome to the website thats for websites! You can have a website made up within this site thats your own, with no advertising of any kind. If you have a wepage or pages made it would start off as www.commontronix.com/yourname The pages you have made up wont look anything like this one and would be your own choice of template etc or your own personally made one. To view all of the current user pages click on Your Websites Directory to the left. Also new to the site is a V.I.P guests page where Personal Guests (friends) can have access to special material within the site such as a chatroom, basic program files and retro games. To have access to to V.I.P material you must ask for a special Username and Password from the owner. You can request a password and username by sending email to the address which is provided in the terms section. Theres also a link to the left to help you with computers and what to do when certain problems occur including information on various virus removal to speeding up your computer.

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Posted by Admin on March 7, 2011

Well, i just thought i'd do this for my friend Jason Hurst who's to the right of the page, His wish was to be on the front page of CommonTronix.com and as you can see his wish has been granted, Well jason, me and my friends wish you all the best at this time, As you know soon, everything will come together and youll have your freedom, Anyways, i hope this makes you happy, Its not all the time someone gets to be on the front page, only best friends go on here so as you can see your not forgotten, Take care young friend, Your wish is my command! (Shame we are not in the picture together, that would be cool!)

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Posted by Admin on March 6, 2013

It is with deep regret and sadness that I have to report the passing of Jason "Angryness/Brimstone", the owner of this website who passed away on 16 November 2011. He is sadly missed by all his family and friends. Well known by his "Angryness" logo, his sayings, his actions and the help he gave people. I am David, his father and now the "caretaker owner" of the website. I will do my best to keep this website going for the foreseeable future. It has always been running and it has to be kept running. This is part of his "legacy" and I know he would have wanted it no other way. He built this site all on his own. I intend to add to the site, get some of the links working and keep things uptodate. All this is not easy for an old'n. Sorry I could not post this earlier. A big YAY to everyone as Jason would say.